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Discipleship Groups are small Bible Studies offered each semester to help individuals grow in their knowledge of and walk with God. CSC offers Bible Studies for students who are new to the faith as well as studies for more mature believers. Sign-ups for Discipleship Groups will be during the first few weeks of the semester. Contact the CSC Staff if you are interested in participating.

Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines

This group takes an introductory look at 12 spiritual disciplines and helps participants apply these principles to everyday life.





1. Study


Foundations of Christianity (Part 1 & 2)

This 20 lesson study is broken into two semesters, touching on foundational Christian beliefs. After completing Part 1, a student may take Part 2 in a later semester. You will discover what the Bible has to say about many of the topics listen below. You will wrestle with understanding what you believe, why you believe it, and how you can back up what you believe with scripture. This course meets once each week for 10 weeks.

Some lessons included are:
Is Christianity the same or different from other World Religions?
Who am I? - Who is God?
What is the Bible
What does it mean to be Born Again?
What is the Church?
Do the Old Testament and New Testament work together?
What is Worship, Prayer and the Lords Supper?
What is Stewardship?
Who is Jesus?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Who is the Devil?
What is Heaven and Hell?
What is Judgement the Second Coming?

Inductive Bible Study Method

This group will spend 11-12 weeks studying through a book of the Bible using the Inductive Bible Study Method. This group is designed to give students tools to help them interpret scripture in a way that cannot be accomplished by just reading the english translated text. Participants must have completed "Spiritual Disciplines" prior to taking Inductive Bible Studies.

Whole Prayer

This group will spend 9 weeks using lessons from Spiritual Disciplines and Inductive Bible Study to more deeply study and understand prayer. We hope students will form a more holistic prayer life as a result.

*For more information please contact Barry Reed.


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1. Study

5. Simplicity

9. Confession

2. Meditation

6. Solitude

10. Worship

3. Prayer

7. Submission

11. Guidance (Mentoring)

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