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Below are just a few of the mission trips CSC takes!

Shiloh Children's Ranch:

The purpose of Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch is to provide Christian homes for abused/neglected and other children and to meet the spiritual, emotional, educational, social and physical needs of each child. CSC partners with Shiloh to send work teams for a three or four day trip. While we are there, we spend time with the kids, help with house cleaning, and do manual labor such as clearing fence lines, chopping wood, and tending the livestock.

Many of the children at Shiloh Children’s Ranch come from difficult home situations. When CSCers go to Shiloh Children’s Ranch and interact with the children, the children get to see first-hand how young Christian men and women follow Jesus and conduct themselves in a Godly manner. By taking time to play and talk with these children we are able to show them Christ’s love.

You can visit Shiloh online at www.shilohranch.org

Casas Por Cristo - Juarez, Mexico:

Anyone Can Make an Impact - Help give someone the gift of their own house.

This mission trip involves working with Casas por Cristo to build houses for needy families in Jaurez. The trip usually lasts about 8 days; four total travel days & four work days. In one day, a foundational slab is poured and walls are built. In a second day, the walls are stood on the slab, the roof is put on, and much of the outside of the house is finished. One a third day, the inside drywall is hanged, trim is nailed up and the roofing is finished. On the fourth day, the house is cleaned up and given to the family to occupy. This family is monitored closely by a local church and pastor in Juarez.

This trip is funded by the students going on the trip. They must pay for all the building materials used in the construction of the houses as well as food and gas for the entire trip. This has been an annual trip for CSC since 1993 because it continually impacts not only the families receiving the new house, but all the CSC students who go on the trip.

You can learn more about Casas por Cristo at www.casasporcristo.org

Love Packages - Butler, IL

Love Packages has a purpose to collect and redistribute Christian media to media deprived areas of the world. They collect Bibles, book, dictionaries, commentaries, VHS, DVD, audio cassette, magazines, VBS, Sunday school, studies, etc. LP then packages these items and ships them all over the world to areas of the world where materials that share the gospel message are limited.

CSC takes work groups to LP to help in the effort of sorting and packaging the massive amount of material collected. Each trip, the team helps to package a 20 ton shipping container which is transported to sea by train, and then heads for a port in a desperate part of the world. Throughout the year, the students of CSC collect these materials and deposit them at LP whenever we pass through the Butler area.

To learn more about Love Packages visit www.lovepackages.org

Common Ground Christian Church – Tampa, FL

Common Ground is a ministry in the heart of a large impoverished area in the USA. Not only impoverished, but highly homeless as well. CSC partnered with Common Ground over Spring Break 2010 to help serve meals to the homeless of Tampa, as well as pray with them and share the message of Jesus Christ.

This workgroup also served the children at the local public school by providing tutoring, mentorship, and simply loving on the kids.

To learn more about common ground visit www.commongroundtampa.com

Ninos de Mexico – Mexico City

 Ninos de Mexico strived to raise abandoned, abused, and orphaned children to become productive Christian citizens who are helping in the evangelization of their own people in the Mexico City area. CSC has visited this unique orphanage in Mexico twice in the last several years. While there the work team has helped with painting, sorting, roofing, cleaning, building fence, and doing all they can to love on the kids at Ninos. The team also gets a chance to visit the rich historical sites of Mexico City. Each student who has taken this trip speaks of the large impact this experience had on them personally.

You can learn more about Ninos de Mexico at www.ninosdemexico.org

*For more information please contact Barry Reed.


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